Night Sky Photography

When: Oct 27, 2018

Description: Learn how to take photographs of the night sky. This workshop will cover how to shoot photos of starry skies including how to predict and prepare for star trails, the Milky Way and the Northern Lights.

Intro to Digital Photography

When: TBA

Description: Learn how to use the settings of a DSLR camera, and techniques to take your snapshots and make great photographs. This workshop will be focussed on practical aspects of taking photos with a digital camera.

Working with Lightroom

When: TBA

Description: Processing digital photos is an important part of any photographer’s work. Learn how to manage your images, edit to improve them, and export/share your images for others to see. Learn how to develop your own unique visual style.

Natural Light Portraits

When: TBA

Description: This workshop teaches how to do portraiture photography — from the initial stages of planning, researching locations, finding a model, equipment, communicating and posing. Learn to “see” where the best ambient light is in any environment. I will teach my workflow and unique post-processing techniques. Includes shooting practice with a model and my personal Photoshop Actions.

1-on-1 Photography Workshops

Description: I offer one-on-one workshops to teach a photographic topic that you’re interested in learning. Lessons are customized, allowing for rapid acquisition of knowledge as well as practical hands-on experience with your camera.

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