Thanks for your interest in working together! Some of my favourite photos are from collaborations. In a TFP arrangement, models (or makeup artists, hairstylists, stylists, designers) and photographer agree to trade their skills and services to improve their portfolios. Neither party will receive nor make a payment, however, the resulting work can be outstanding if everyone puts in their best effort. As a photographer, I can provide:

  • Pre-shoot consultation. This can be done as an in-person meeting, over the phone, or through messages. It covers details of the shoot themes, wardrobe, style, and logistics. Typically, we each pick a theme and agree on details before the shoot.
  • On location shoot. Willing to travel around anywhere in the GVR if we are shooting on location.
  • Photoshoot session time. A typical photo shoot session is 60 minutes.
  • Equipment for indoor use. The following may be available for use (please inquire): light modifiers, ring light, gel lighting, white/black backdrop, electric fan, clothing clips.
  • Post-processing. Retouching of images includes global and local adjustments in image exposure, contrast, colour toning, saturation, clarity, highlights, shadows, sharpness, cropping, straightening, etc. Skin retouching and dodging/burning may be applied, however no guarantees on digital object removal.
  • Number of final images. I love quality over quantity. I typically deliver 6-7 final images edited in detail. This number can be varied depending on the level of post-processing desired. However, the fewer photos I edit, the more time I spend on each, which really brings each photo to its best. I typically spend 30-60 minutes of postprocessing per photo, so editing 6-7 images could be up to 7 hours of dedicated processing time (and oftentimes it’s more!)
  • Online delivery/format. Photos are typically delivered online via a shared folder no later than one month from shoot day and will be available to download for 30 days. Photos are in JPEG at 2048 pixels on the longest dimension. Unedited or RAW images will not be provided.
  • Usage. You may use the photos in any way you like for personal use! Share them on social media, upload to your website, include in your portfolio, make prints, or make a life-sized cardboard cutout! 🙂 Note that there is a small watermark in the final image. If you wish to sell images/prints or use them commercially, please check with me first for licensing terms.
  • Quality. I’m dedicated to my craft and love working with people. To see some of my work, click on a gallery below:

As a model, you’ll be helping with:

  • Wardrobe/accessories. You’ll be helping to take care of clothing. We can pick our themes based on what you already own so that we don’t need to purchase anything new. If we’re working with a stylist or designer, they may provide clothing for the shoot. In that case, a fitting may be needed.
  • Basic makeup/hair. In the absence of a makeup artist and hairstylist, if you could prepare a simple natural look that would be great. If you have a preferred makeup artist or hairstylist interested in joining our project, let me know.
  • Timing. Please arrange enough time to prepare and account for transit delays, etc. I know these things are a bit unpredictable so I understand if things happen outside of your control, but I may have a shoot scheduled after ours and won’t be able to shift our time if we start late.
  • Reading prep. I may send you a link for what to expect before/during/after our photo shoot. It would be great for you to read and ask any questions.

Looking forward to creating some artful images together!