Selecting Photos


  • For specific cases, I enable you to pick your favourites from a shoot 🙂 The only thing I ask in return is for you to limit your selections so that I can spend good editing time
  • I will generate a preview gallery for you within a couple of days of our shoot
  • Pick your favourites by tapping or clicking on the heart icon of the photo you want to select
  • You will be prompted for your email the first time – this lets you keep track and change your selections
  • Pick your photos based on the pose and setting. Don’t worry if it looks too dark, I adjust that in editing.
  • While editing, I take care of global and local adjustments to exposure, contrast, white balance, clarity, colour toning, etc.
  • The work you see from my social media channels are detailed edits, which can take up to 30-60 minutes to process each image (sometimes more). These images have some combination of skin retouching, fixing blemishes/eye bags/smile lines, removing stray hairs, fixing clothing, removing distracting elements in the background, extending the background, etc. I try to keep the images looking natural and realistic, and it’s always tricky finding that right balance.
  • Because of the time involved in editing, I do my best work when I do detailed editing on a limited set. If you can keep your selections to the ones you absolutely love the most (e.g. the ones you might use) that would help me the most. This can be your choice of 3 images per look, or 6-9 images total. If you really want more, message me and we can figure out a plan.
  • Once you are happy with your choices, let me know. Thanks!


  • Photos will typically be done within two weeks of your selections, depending on the deadlines of other assignments I may have
  • Photos delivered via shared online folder, and available for unlimited downloads for a month
  • You can download images individually, or download the full set as a .zip file (message me if you’re stuck!)
  • Images are watermarked and will be JPEG format, 2048 pixels on the long dimension


  • Feel free to use the images however you like for personal use, be it adding it to your portfolio, sharing on social media, uploading to your website, or personal prints. You may also submit them for publications (magazines, newspapers, etc) – just check with me ahead of time
  • If you’re selling images or would like to use for commercial purposes, please get in touch about licensing or needing different resolutions
  • Photographers love being tagged/mentioned in photos and I’m no different aha