Night Sky Presets for Lightroom

Night Sky Presets for Lightroom is a package that includes 25 unique presets to help you process your Milky Way and other starry photos. The presets help you get jump-started on your edits so you can process more quickly and efficiently. Create images with consistent tones and save time so you can get back to shooting under the stars!


See some examples of RAW files transformed using the presets. Tap and drag the little circle to see how the image looked like before and after the preset is applied!


  • Five (5) general presets including:
    • Baseline is a good starting point for processing night sky photos
    • Reduce Light Pollution to reduce light pollution in images
    • Star Boost helps to brighten up the stars in the night sky
    • Night Cool to cool down the night
    • Night Warm to warm up the night
  • Ten (10) different Milky Way presets that make the stars pop out in the night sky mixed with various tones
  • Ten (10) different Aurora presets that boost the particular colours of Northern Lights mixed with various tones
  • A text file with instructions on how to install the presets as well as how to utilize them.


  • These presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, and 6 and Lightroom CC.
  • Works on Windows or MacOS.
  • They will also work with both RAW and JPEG photos.


You may use these presets on any projects for:

  • Personal or commercial use
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited end products for sale


  • Package Price: $25.00
  • Sale: $15.00
  • Major credit cards or Paypal accepted