Copyright-Free Music for Your Videos

Finding Music for Videos is Hard Whenever making a video — whether a simple Instagram story or a YouTube clip, I like to add background music to add a mood. But I often have trouble finding a suitable track online. Available music tracks span multiple websites and services but are unorganized. There are some subscription options to libraries, but sometimes it is hard to justify the cost if the videos are just for fun. I found a free solution to these problems and wanted to share with you a tool I created to help you find copyright-free music for your personal videos. Thousands of Music Tracks by Artists A little while ago, I came across YouTube playlists with literally thousands of music tracks that have been offered for free use in personal projects! These tracks were created by artists who want to promote their work online. They offer a creative commons license that allows for music use in your personal projects as long as credit is given in the caption of the video. A win-win situation! The Solution While browsing on Youtube is nice, it is hard to keep track of where you are in a playlist after a few dozen songs. And there are video ads that periodically interrupt your experience. Instead, I put together a page that organizes these playlists by themes and hosted them on my website here, completely ad-free. I now use this Audio Library for all my personal projects. I also shared this with my […]