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Hello! My name is Mike Wu, and I’m an internationally-published photographer residing in Vancouver, BC. While I currently shoot weddings, portraits, headshots, and events, the start of my visual journey began with the Northern Lights.

Years ago, I went to the Northwest Territories to see the phenomenon known as aurora borealis. I immersed myself in books and online sources for many weeks prior, and then brought a DSLR camera to take photos in the dark. That night I made a profound discovery: I loved capturing beautiful moments in images.

Soon after the trip, I realized that beautiful moments happen throughout all our lives. For me, it was seeing the aurora, but for my friends it was celebrating graduation after years of dedicated effort, showcasing hard work in an exhibition, or getting married to the person they dearly loved. I was fortunate to witness and photograph many such beautiful moments and they intensified my passion to help others get images that they would cherish for a lifetime.

For years now, I’ve continued to refine and apply my skills and experiences in photography to bring meaningful life moments into focus. And I’m looking forward to doing more – so if you’re looking for someone to help tell your story, I’d love to chat with you!



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Please note: For wedding inquiries, I meet with my couples in person, but if unable to, we can chat on Skype.

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